Talk About Your Uncomfortable Photo-Ops!

Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe meets with Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon during the 62nd General Assembly of the United Nations. Ay Ay Ay! I’m guessing Mr. Ban downed several cups of high-test before this meeting.

UN Photo

2 thoughts on “Talk About Your Uncomfortable Photo-Ops!”

  1. Mugabe has gone completely over to the “dark side”.
    Living in Zimbabwe at this point must be like living in Bavaria under Mad Ludwig, or Rome under Nero. -S-

  2. Uh, well, you know, here at the UN we give people every conceivable benefit of the doubt. And then some. We just don’t believe in being too picky or looking too hard. Too inconvenient, and it makes for unpleasant frictions, which would disrupt the usual cordial and convivial UN atmosphere. Live and let live (or whatever). Besides, it’s OK for third-world countries to do things abominable by first-world standards. We have to be reasonable. Not to mention fashionably leftist. And if we’re going to be hypocritical (which is a given), we might as well be consistent about it.

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