Help me help you help others. (UPDATED)

Following the news all week can get rather frustrating, especially by the end of the week when you’ve been barraged by so much BS and so many slanted and biased articles and inane editorials from “experts” who couldnt find their expertise if you rammed it down their throats. I know I sometimes feel like a pressure cooker, ready to blow, explode in a F-bomb laced rant by any given Friday. I know there’s plenty of you out there nodding in agreement right about now.

Fret not, my friends. There is a perfect solution. A calming, soothing blogological therapy: The Friday F*ck Off Thread, brought to us by my good friends over at It Comes in Pints.

If youre not familiar with the FFOT, it’s really simple: You know that client that’s been pissing you off all week? Or that idiot that cut you off in traffic and almost made you crash? has the MSM especially pissed you off more than usual this week? Well what can be better than getting it all off your chest in a profanity filled tirade against your frustration culprit? Trust me folks, it really is like therapy.

And today, Friday, my buddies over at It Comes In Pints are helping me help you help others while helping yourselves. Im selling F-bombs for charity. If you donate to help my niece’s charity marathon – donation page right here – for every dollar you get an F-bomb in your very own profane F-bomb infused rant as written by me, fifth degree black belt in the art of the F-bomb rant. All you have to do is drop a few bucks in the charity till, and email me at with your request. Tell me who or what to direct the wrath to and trust me, the wrath will be all encompassing and overwhelming. Your eyeballs might even combust spontaneously.

If you want a few examples of the Friday F*ck Off Thread, click here and scroll down.

I must warn you though, if profanity bothers you or if you believe in political correctness, this will not be your cup of tea and I suggest you stay as far away as possible from the FFOT.

Once again, here’s the donation page. Just think of it as you sitting back on your shrink’s couch, with me, your shrink, taking care of all that ails you.

Update: As of 1:55 pm today, we’re only $110 short of the goal. Come one, folks, let’s get it done. Every little bit helps.

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