Martha Beatriz Roque: As many as 200 dissidents are missing

In an interview posted this morning at Miscelaneas de Cuba, dissident leader Martha Beatriz Roque reports that as many as 200 dissidents from across the island are missing.

“Please, help us,” Roque pleaded.

The dissidents were expected in Havana to participate in a protest at the Justice Ministry, on behalf of Cuban political prisoners.

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6 thoughts on “Martha Beatriz Roque: As many as 200 dissidents are missing”

  1. As many of us, I follow (and absorb through my pores) our Cuban tragedy that plays out in so many different ways every day of the week.

    I can comprehend almost everything relative to why something HAS or HAS NOT happened relative to Cuba.

    BUT THERE IS SOMETHING THAT I CANNOT COMPREHEND, and something that I wish Val would open up a seperate thread someday for comments.

    and that, is this…

    After watching so many ‘ex-Cuban agents, ex-officials, ex-military, ex-FAR, ex-Generals, ex-spies’, (who are NOW OUT OF THERE) constantly parade in front of the camera (CH. 41, Polos Opuestos, A Mano Limpia, etc…) and say ‘how bad things are OVER THERE’, and that they still have “CONTACTS” over there “IN HIGH PLACES”, well the question begs….

    1. If things are SO BAD over there (even for the ones in “high places”), and..

    2. If they still have “contacts” in high places, implying that those ‘still over there’ are in sync with their discontent…

    then why the hell DON’T these ‘ex-MEMBERS’ TRY to coordinate with these “CONTACTS” to TRY a military COUP, a military revolt, a military insurrection?

  2. If this story pans out then I now believe fidel is dead or dieing. By rounding up dissedents something is ready to give.

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