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  1. Too bad Antunez is just not black enough for Jackson, Sharpton, Glover, Belafonte, Rangel, Waters, etc. etc. Funny thing is, he looks PLENTY black to me, and then some. I guess hypocrisy makes the eyesight play tricks.

  2. This is my first coment on this blog; I’ve been reading it for almost a year, just trying to learn more about Cuba. And I have a question I think is both ignorant and callous (so I apologize when it offends) but I still need to ask it.

    With everything that is going on in Burma and all the attention it’s getting. Before this week I think more than 90% of Americans did not even know there was a “Burma/Myanmar”. [Question] I wondered when is the last time someone was actually shot/killed in Cuba by the government?

    I know that the oppression is so set in, Castro and Co. are too good and have so many decades of experience, that it’s basically impossible to get a photograph as powerful as the resent Japanese journalist that came out of Burma today. But I feel that when you step out of South Florida; Cuba is basically Burma to most Americans. In places that I’ve lived like Jacksonville, Atlanta, Memphis, Birmingham, Chapel Hill and Chicago. No one cares about Cuba. Most people would say “I’m busy right now, and besides isn’t everyone in those South American countries oppressed? That’s why they want to come here and why I want a Wall built” And not care ever again, unless something big happens.

    With the news of these arrests, like its been posted its happed before, and it just seems to me like a constant cycle. And unless something big actually happens, like in Burma or Darfur or Palestine. Unless images, powerful images come out (and not images that are 10,20,30 years old of atrocities committed by Castro Co. and Che) of dead people, nothing will happen from this end (USA). Castro will be cryogenically frozen and will live for ever as the revolution, and everyone in Cuba will stay under his boot. I applaud people like Val, Ziva, Henry, The Real Cuba and so many more for getting all this info out. And I feel for them because I just don’t see a light at the end of the tunnel. I feel horrible for Cuba, with Castro sick and dying, I thought something would finally happen. But instead, everything is even quieter in the island. Even though it’s business as usual on the “government’s” side of things.

    Again my question(s) is: when is the last time someone was actually shot/killed in Cuba by the government. Was there and image/video of it?

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