10 thoughts on “Viva la revolucion!”

  1. This is another picture that could be made into a postcard and sent to the boot lickers with a ” Thank You for Your Support stamped in red accross it”

  2. So what? I could take a picture of some rednecks front yard with rusty old autos, post it, and say look at the horrible state of America!

  3. che2,
    The difference is – this is the norm, not the exception. By the tone of your comment, you seem to believe we deserve to living like this. Nice.

  4. Che2, boludo2!
    Except you’d be creating propaganda since we all know America is not in the shape you attempt to convey. On the other hand all of Cuba is in this terrible shape, courtesy of your communist buddies.
    And before you go blaming the U.S. embargo for it, remember that every other country in the world still deals with castro.

  5. back to the topic—-
    when I see these kind of pictures of modern Cuba, it reminds me of an old west ghost town, except the people are still there !

  6. OK – don’t be too rough on che2…let us encourage him to BE like che. Or should it be “become like che,” instead? It is what che types should aim for, not so?
    The graffiti on the wall of the dilapidated house(?) in the photo reminds me of the hysterical, yet empty and meaningless slogans splashed on the wall of German ruins towards the end of WWII – “führer befehl, wir folgen dir!” – “leader order us, we will follow!” – “comandante ordene” – same mierda; or “unser mauern brechen, unser herzen nicht!” – “our walls may break, our hearts will not!” – well, the sloganeering hysteria did not save the reich, nor will it save dying fidelism. Empty words, painted on empty shells. “Viva la revolucion?” – “la revolucion” is anything but viva, any more than its “leader,” an empty, for all practical purposes, dead shell itself.

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