3 thoughts on “Because…”

  1. -“Cuban officials this summer charged U.S. officials with lying and violating the migration accords in an effort to cause “instability” on the island.

    You’re fucking damn right! It’s about time some ‘instability’ was a ‘causin there.

    You know what, it’s time to dust-off all the old Cold War leftist rhetoric and support “wars of national liberation”!

    I believe the U.S. (as the most powerful nation on earth, and the universe for that matter), should start to undertake a world-wide effort for supporting, both in $$$ and assets (not GROUND TROOPS), to ARM and SUPPORT democratic forces to undertake “WARS OF NATIONAL LIBERATION” by supporting and assisting local populations against their tyrannies all over the world. Starting with the so-called “TERRORIST COUNTRIES”:

    – CUBA
    – IRAN
    – N. KOREA
    – SYRIA
    – BURMA

    Let’s turn the playbook back on them!

  2. Looks like the Tribune is trying to replace the writer kicked out of Cuba with one more to Cuba’s liking.

  3. This statement alone should speak volumes to non-Cubans who don’t know the realities: “He would not give his last name out of fear of reprisal.”, regardless of what else the twit wrote.

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