The Babalu Radio Hour – Tonight at 8 – Call (646) 652-4506

Tune in to our show tonight at its regular time, 8:00 PM EDT on BlogTalk Radio. We’ll have our regular smörgåsbord of topics, stream-of-consciousness style. I’d like to take as many of your calls as time allows, and I promise to get to them earlier in the show (my co-hosts willing ;-). Call in at (646) 652-4506 and get in the queue.
Click the image below at 8:00 PM eastern to hear the show live. Make sure to reload that page at 8:00 PM or you won’t see the “listen live” button you need to click. If you’re shy, drop me an email here, or send an email to Henry.


Update: Quote:

Oh please. I wouldn’t waste a minute of my life to listen to that crap.

What? Too busy shitting on us intransigent little folks from that illusory liberal ivory tower, fuckhead? Too busy badmouthing the old folks that paved the way for you to come here and shit on them, you fucking ingrate? Too busy focusing on ways to fuck your own instead of the guy that forced you to make us your own in the first place, fuckweasel?
I used to think you were just an angry fuck, now I know youre a pathetic fuck as well. That goes for your racist douche bag partner as well, only exponentially so.

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  1. hey we got a home game tonight, so i will be in the stadium.. if i get a chance i will call in, i am sure the listeners will be dying to know the score of sete de setembro x santa cruz for the copa pernambuco..

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