An Experiment

Let’s try a little experiment, shall we?
Go outside and pick up a nice rock, about the size of a fist, give or take.
Bring said rock inside and place it in your most dexterous hand. With your other hand, grab a coffee mug, glass or plate and place it on a flat surface in front you.
Hold the rock directly over said mug or glass or plate and squeeze. Squeeze as hard and as long as you can until you get all the water out of that rock. Technically, there should a molecule or two of H20 in there somewhere.
Pretty diffcult thing to do, isnt it? Extracting water from a rock.
That’s exactly how I feel sometimes while trying to extract reason from some people. No matter how much you squeeze them with data, historical fact, point by point arguments and other pertinent information, reason refuses to seep out. Technically you know it’s in there, and you keep squeezing and squeezing, hoping to see at least a drop of reason ooze out, but it never does.
And do you know why that is?
Because like the rock, some people are just too indurate, too callous and too dense to allow anything, especially reason, to get through.

4 thoughts on “An Experiment”

  1. Facts don’t matter to true believers. Anyone who after given the facts still holds up Fidel and/or Che basically lacks reasoning function.

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