Why is Havana crumbling?

Because the murderous thugs running Cuba don’t give a rats ass about the Cuban people. To them, everything is a commodity; that Cubans live in squalor, or that thousands of irreplaceable architectural treasures are being lost means nothing to them beyond what they can milk for propaganda and tourist dollars.
Why spend money maintaining buildings for Cubans when there’s money to be made elsewhere?

Jamaica to import cement from Cuba
KINGSTON, Jamaica (JIS): Minister of Industry, Commerce and Investment, Karl Samuda, has said that some 5,000 tonnes of cement should arrive in Jamaica from Cuba within the next two weeks, to ease the current shortage.
A team consisting of representatives from the Ministry, the Airports Authority of Jamaica and the Port Authority of Jamaica visited Cuba last week to finalise arrangements for the importation of some 40,000 tonnes of cement, which will be arriving into the island on a phased basis.
Addressing journalists at Tuesday’s post-Cabinet press briefing, Samuda said that the Port Authority of Jamaica is now in the process of finalising arrangements to transport the cement.
He noted that a regular supply of 5,000 tonnes of cement should be arriving from Cuba each month “so we can be assured that we will be receiving from the Government of Cuba, 40,000 tonnes of cement in shipments of 5,000 per month”.

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6 thoughts on “Why is Havana crumbling?”

  1. Ziva –
    Read the article – Notice that the DR will be shipping nearly twice the amount per moth as will Colombia – even with the neglect Cuba under the Castro Regime cannot produce on par. -S-

  2. Dr. Shalit, I did read the article! Coño man…you think any of us post on articles we have not read! You missed my point which is that Cuba does have concrete available to repair peoples homes, but CHOOSES not to because the thugs don´t care about the people. Not how much they produce in relation to another country.

  3. Cuba Exporting 40,000 tonnes of cement… while the homes of Cubans are crumbling all around them?
    Please, let’s not lay the blame on the so called “embargo.” Let’s place the blame where it belongs… castro Inc.

  4. And then the mainstream media like little parrots repeat the Castro government partyline that Cuba’s buildings are crumbling because of the embargo! Worst still is when they praise Castro for restoring a few buildings here and there–among the overwhelming ruins—and claim that he is a savior of Cuba’s national patrimony! Aaagghh!

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