Me voy pa’ Moron

If my morning is any indication, Im in for a pretty crappy day. Thus, here’s a few things for your attention:
– If youre in New York, dont forget that Carlos Eire will be discussing Waiting for Snow in Havana tonight at 6 p.m., at Columbia University’s Casa Hispánica, 612 West 116th Street, between Broadway and Riverside.
– The commie loving Cuba Solidarity Group will be having a discussion on che guevara at 7pm on Tuesday October 9th at the University Lutheran Church; 37th & Chestnut Sts. in Philadelphia. The University of Pennsylvania CAUSA group is asking any freedom loving Cuban-Americans in the area to join them to counter the CSG bullshit session. If you are in Philly or nearabouts and want to attend, email me for more information.
Pretty good Cuban exile done good story at Miami New Times, from our friend the lovely and talented Tamara Lush.
– Via The Real Cuba, great video of Martin Valverde in Cuba.
Is Barrack Obama an asshole or what? [From Pitbull: I wonder what CubanosComemierdas con Obama think about this? Oh I forgot, they’re already wearing their pins. Sorry for the interruption. More from FoxNews.]
– I got a huge kick out of the following image, from the People’s Cube. Tshirts available for purchase here.


Im off to try to straighten out the rest of my Friday. Have a great day and if you have any interesting stories, articles, etc… use this as a Friday Open Thread and drop a link in the comments section.

7 thoughts on “Me voy pa’ Moron”

  1. Si Val – B.O. es un culo cagado.
    BTW, check out Leader of the Chinese by Jay Nordlinger in this week’s National Review – please, we have a lot to learn from Jian Li Yang.

  2. Val- never heard the term, Me voy pa Moron before- my father was born there- what or why is that term used? thanks, Yasmin

  3. I have a question. Back in 1955 my parents built a home and nightclub in outer Guantanamo, east-southeast about a half a mile from the Guaso River , to be precise. I came of age there, believe me when I say those were the days, I wish I knew where Xiomara is today, but I’m off the point. My point here is, or my question is, about recovering that property that the communist took from my family. Can anybody tell me how do I make a claim for property stolen by the illegitimate castro thugs. Or, if the property is destroyed, how do I go about getting restitution? Thanks.

  4. Me rei cuando lei lo que dijiste George Moneo. Entiendo bien lo que dices. Es que me parace que algun dia yo quisiera retirarme ahi mismo donde naci. o por lo menos tener una casita para vacasiones. Esa parte de Cuba es muy bella.

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