What would you do?

Here’s one for you, a fiction that easily mirrors many exile’s real life experience. Early in the revolution, your mother flees to the States with her children, you and your sister, after your father, in trouble with the regime, has been sentenced to a long prison term. He spends 12 years in the gulag and dies of a heart attack, never seeing his family again. You grow up in New Jersey, a hard line intransigent Cuban exile, despising castro, communists, and everything they represent.
Eventually you settle in Miami, meet and fall love with a more recent arrival. You work your behind off to help him obtain his U.S. medical license. You marry, buy a nice house, and are expecting your first child. Life is good, until his father arrives from Cuba for a visit and their unresolved father-son conflicts, and politics, trigger an emotional crisis that leads him to confess that he is not the anti-castro exile he portrayed himself to be. He admits that In Cuba he grew up believing castro’s lies, and the dream of the revolution. He was a party member, an enforcer of sorts, in other words, your enemy.
Repulsed, you are devastated by this betrayal, this lie, and for loving this person who now embodies all that you revile. If this were you, how would you respond, what would you do? This is one question I’m left with after last nights screening of Cercania. Portrayed with love and humor, this is just one characters story in this fine Cuban family drama.
Shot on location in Miami by Rolando Díaz, who encountered Hollywood’s usual refusal to back anything unflattering to the regime. Highly recommended.
If you haven’t seen it, you can view the trailer and purchase the CD here.

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