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  1. I think I read somewhere John Hopkins came up with this crap. Thing is, they may not have died from cardiac arrests and illnesses related to obesity, but where’s the report on how many went blind and all the other illnesses and deceases they suffered, many to death, because of hunger and mal nutrition?

  2. This is exactly the same as coming up with a justification for slavery. The only difference is that it’s politically correct (which of course it would NOT be if it involved a right-wing dictatorship). Just business as usual (or same shit, different day).

  3. Abajo,
    You hit the nail dead square on the head. Did I say dead? No pun intended in che day.Okay, pun intended.

  4. I think the funniest part is this:
    “Franco says the study offers an important lesson to the U.S. on how to reduce healthcare costs.”
    So we should all go into poverty and starve are selves so that we can get cheaper health care? Good suggestion Franco….. are these people that naive?

  5. That’s it…I’m not sending another penny to relieve poverty in Africa or South America.
    I certainly don’t want to contribute to their deaths by increased heart disease and diabetes.

  6. I remember a study from around 15 years ago, that mice living on severely restricted diets lived longer than mice fed normally, and that humans on restricted diets also lived longer. So I guess the point is we should all starve ourselves into anorexia concentration camp thinness to squeak out of few extra years of life.

    No more variety of humans for all of us to appreciate, just a bunch of walking skeletons, all living happily on government mandated “reduced rations” to save on national health care costs. Don’t laugh, at work today we had to fill out the annual benefits survey; one of the questions, should people who smoke, or drink, or who are overweight pay higher healthcare premiums. My question to them was: Do they factor in number of doctors visits, and treatments? Because I know plenty of people who fit the above catagories and who have zero health problems. I had an aunt who lived to a very ripe old age, hardly every went to the doctor, and she smoked, drank, and ate whatever the hell she wanted.
    I say NO to socialized medicine, that’s already what is wrong with healthcare in our country.

  7. So….
    Would you rather live a couple of years longer by starving to death and living in poverty, OR would you rather have a GOOD QUALITY OF LIFE -and all that entails- and live a couple of years less?
    We’re only here once folks, this is not a dress rehersal!

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