8 thoughts on “A Reminder”

  1. Had similar glitch here, switched browser from Camino (Mozilla) to Firefox and issue was resolved. Watching Hannity & Colmes now. I hope the 41 video was recorded for YouTube. The Internet is castro’s worst nemesis…no more getting away with lies and propagandist deception.

  2. Colmes was reaching to find the contrarian angle to the story and he knew it. C’mon, this has nothing to do with Hillarycare or any other care in the United States. It is simply about the lies and distortions perpetuated by the likes of Michael Moore and others who defend Cuba at all costs. And, as George mentioned in response to Colmes’ allegation about exiles “cherry-picking” the hospitals that were shown, the videos shown were of the “good” ordinary Cuban hospitals.
    Congrats to George on both shows!

  3. Colmes was being, well, Colmes. Congrats to Jorge for staying on point and not allowing the socialist to deviate from the truth about Cuba’s NOT FREE health “care” system of apartheid.

  4. George is my dad and I am so extremely proud of him! I wanted to congratulate him here along with all his other supporters on his dedication and hard work. He did an amazing job on both shows. Thank you for teaching me how important it is to fight for what you believe in!

  5. Michelle:
    You have a wonderful, courageous father. He has the respect of thousands of people and everyone who has seen his site or his interviews now knows what you have known all along. God bless him and your whole family!

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