My heros

I have to take off my hat to two people: George, the web master of, and Dr. Darsi Ferrer Ramirez, the Cuban dissident.
Darsi, at great personal risk to himself, shot hours of video for ABCs 20/20 that never made the air. Tonight various clips of that video did air, except it was on Fox News Channel. Darsi could have kept his identity a secret but instead showed his face and we heard his voice as he explained the reality of Cuba’s vaunted health system. We will all have to keep Darsi in our prayers and keep his profile as high as possible as the regime will be sure to seek retribution.
Dr. Darsi Ferrer Ramirez
George was able to coordinate the filming and the shipping of the materials from Cuba. Not only that he was an articulate spokesperson for the cause of Cuban liberty as he unmasked the regime for what it is on NATIONAL FREAKING TV.
Alan Colmes tried to insinuate that this is a vast right wing conspiracy to attempt to derail attempts at socialized medicine in the US. George set him straight, telling him that the US has healthcare problems but his only interest was exposing the lies of the castro regime.
Not only that, he made the most salient point which is that many in America are willing to turn a blind eye to the abuses of human rights in Cuba because they have “free universal healthcare.” As we have all argued here, even if that were true that’s a deal most Americans would never take but the sad reality is that Cuba’s healthcare system is terrible and it’s no wonder. The same people that run the rest of the country’s centralized economy run the hospitals, clinics and pharmacies.
This was un verdadero palo periodistico.
Thank you George. I am very proud to count you among my friends. Your hard work paid off tonight as American TV viewers from coast to coast saw behind the curtain of the castro regime in Cuba for the first time.
ABC you had your chance. You could have shown some integrity and some spine and stood apart from the rest of media which is all to eager to please the tyrant in Havana. Shame on you.

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  1. Darsi–a true example of a hero–has accomplished something that perhaps even he thought would have been impossible. He went forward with his mission, his own safety and the safety of his family aside, and delivered the damning evidence. Now it is up to us, their fellow brothers and sisters!
    Let us all unite and do what Darsi and Marta Beatriz do everyday in Cuba and what Val, Henry, George M., George U., Ziva, Marc, Robert and the rest of Babalu’s talented contributers do everyday in the USA: Push to get the truth out!
    Let’s get this information and video in a format that we can distribute throughout the world and let the world see that the number one cable news outlet in the US is not afraid of the big bad Cuban rat that thinks it’s a wolf. Perhaps by then, they will lose that fear and go ahead and do their jobs.
    Even if they don’t, tonight’s event is a watershed moment in Cuban History nonetheless: For the first time, dissidents have acquired an extensive amount of damming evidence and placed it in the hands of the enemies of the dictatorship. Maybe this batch won’t be the silver bullet, but more bullets will be coming now that the world knows about it and the dissidents in CUba know it can be done.
    It is like a small chip of a proverbial Berlin wall just fell off. Now we must all join together with the Babalu family and push harder than we have ever pushed before.
    Que Viva Cuba Libre!!!!

  2. Alberto I must congratulate Babalu also for the destruction of the Berlin Wall as well…We must definitivamente join our forces to end tyranny in Cuba. I think it is working .Castro nunca podra con el internet ..Nunca

  3. I take no credit here, but I agree we need the video. I´m in California and, hard to believe, but many people are not paying attention online. We need to hand them a CD, tell them to watch, and share with their friends. I emailed probably 500 people about the show and made phone calls, and I can´t tell you how many had no idea! We have to get the info out there in any every medium. That said, I waiting PST for the segment to air….I am proud beyond words to be a part of this group. Abarzos Cubanos all

  4. George was great like always, George has been doing this for years, day in and day out, he is creating havoc all the times. Henry you are 100% correct about Darsi, what a courageous man! George played it real smart because he used the Sicko documentary, not only to discredit Michael Moore but also to direct more attention on life in general, in Cuba. The people are deteriorating there and George got that across, excellent move! We have to thank FoxNews for picking up the story also. Now its up to all of us, everybody, to get it out to the rest of the world! I always mention everybody because this is the only way we can get things done, all of us in our own special way.

  5. No matter how brutal or repressive a regime is, there are always some good and brave men and women, like Darsi Ferrer and Marta Beatriz Roque who will not hesitate to do what it takes to resist and get the truth out. They can never be repaid for what they have done, and continue to do.
    As for George, he did very, very well, staying on topic and not allowing Mr. Colmes to entrap him into the usual, liberal excuse-and-pander castro-fawning dance which has become an entrenched M.O. with these type folks. The points that needed to be made were made and were right on target. Only a loon could ignore the reality of “free” (it is not) “health care” (it is NOT) in Cuba. Fox is also to be congratulated for exposing “Mikey” Moore as the 5th class goebbelian fraud that he is – like it or not, Mistah Moore, your challenges to truth will themselves not go unchallenged.

  6. -“ABC you had your chance. You could have shown some integrity and some spine and stood apart from the rest of media which is all to eager to please the tyrant in Havana. Shame on you.”

    The day Cuba becomes free, I hope that ABC’s license in Cuba is revoked…AND…the duration of the revocation and their prohibition of having an office in Cuba should equal the NUMBER OF DAYS that they ACTED AS AGENTS of the Cuban tyranny.

  7. I’m sure John Stossel would have loved to air that video…he’s the best 20/20 and the whole network has.

  8. LaConchita,
    I’m with you… ALL the so called “NEWS” agencies that collaborated with the Cuban government must be banned from Cuba for however long that collaboration lasted. The same goes for any BUSINESS/PERSONS (and that includes Hollywood actors) that has benefited from SLAVE labor and in helping perpetrate Cuban APARTHEID.

  9. Nurian, you are wrong. Stossel had that video and many more, but he refused to air it. The 20/20 segment was supposed to have been much larger but in the end it was just a promo for their following week special.

  10. Stossel was the one who kept shortening it. He also didn’t want to show the Darsi interview. The foreign desk put a lot of pressure saying that their bureau in Cuba, that as far as I’m concerned is worthless, was going to be closed if this piece aired. The producer was the only one who really wanted to tell the whole story and show all the material that she was able to get. But unfortunately the decision as to how much time to allow for the segment was up to Stossel and his bosses.

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