Some final words, for now, about ché

A couple of final thoughts, related to the just-passed 40th anniversary of the execution of ernesto “ché” guevera.
First comes from a friend and former newspaper colleague, who unlike too many in the MSM, gets what guevara, and what he represents, are really about:

I fear we have grown too comfortable with a Stalinist state just off our coast. I say that as if there is some acceptable level of comfort. There is not, but we somehow we seem to think that a Caribbean gulag is more palatable than a Siberian one. I think that’s a big mistake.
Anyway, as long as there are che t-shirts, I promise to be pissed off. In fact, I think it’s legitimate to say that the shirt is getting pretty close to a threat. So if you read about me kicking some che-lover in the ass, well, you know my defense …

And there is this from one guevara’s victims, political prisoner Normando Hernandez Gonzalez, who laments the “education” his young daughter is sure to receive in a Cuban school:

“We all know that in primary schools in Cuba, the teachers require the children in each class to yell the motto, ‘Pioneers for communism, we are like el ché.’ There is nothing less that millions of Cubans want for their children. Who told the creators of castroism that I want my daughter to be an adventurer, a guerrilla, a criminal, a carrier of death?”

A “carrier of death.” That is the real ché guevara, and as long as there ché-lovers wearing his ugly mug on their shirts, the ass-kicking here, and elsewhere, will continue.

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  1. The che monument in Santa Clara, (my hometown) pollutes the air of that beautiful city.
    Soon we will pull down and destroy that despicable monument.

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