Your support is needed

As many of you may know, each year, for the last few years, thousands of crosses have been set up at Tamiami Park for a weekend to commemorate the victims of the castro regime. There is a project afoot to create a permanent Cuban Memorial to honor these victims. The permanent memorial has been designed and is proposed to also be installed at Tamiami Park.
The final approval for the permanent memorial will be voted upon at a County Commission meeting TOMORROW, Tuesday October 16th. I have been told that the motion will be made around 2:00 PM
The commission meetings are held at the commission chambers:
111 NW 1st Street
2nd Floor
Please attend the meeting and show your support for this important initiative. The Cuban memorial represents more than 10,000 victims. It should not be hard to get a couple of hundred relatives of those victims to come out and support it. Please spread the word.