Angels on Our Shoulders – Birmingham, Alabama Edition

Im in Birmingham, Alabama today, along with some very special men and women, all here together for a very special event. The Southern Aviation Museum will be unveiling a painting dedicated to the pilots that flew during the Bay of Pigs invasion. It’s an unbelievale honor to be here with these men, be they the Cuban pilots or the Americans.
Ill do my best to describe this whole event for you in the net few days but I can tell you all right now, it wont be easy and you all may need plenty of Kleenex.
There are Cuban pilots here, American pilots, PDO’s, armament officers. There’s one or two men here who were sixteen years old at the time of the invasion. Family of the four American pilots – the Angels of the Shoulders of the Brigade 2506 ground troops – who were shot down as they flew their mission over Cuba are here.
Some of these men havent seen each other since those fateful days and their reunion last night was a sight to behold. Even though the years have had their say, you could see the comradery, the respect, the honor that all of these men share. I must admit to a few tears myself, as I stood along the periphery and watched these men and their wives relive what were some incredibly life-changing times.
I can tell you for certain that last night, while these men hugged each other and became re-acquainted after so many many years, that there was one dead president that must have been uncomfortably spinning in his grave. You all know who that is.