Gettin’ the word out

Today Tomorrow Next Tuesday, October 23, a group of us will be hitting the airwaves to spread the word. Henry Gomez, Juan Amador of El Intransigente, and I, Alberto de la Cruz, will be on La Mesa Redonda this tomorrow evening with Armando Perez Roura on Radio Mambi. The show airs from 6 pm to 8 pm on 710 am radio. For those of you outside of South Florida, you can listen online here. We will be talking about the real life in Cuba and how we are trying to show the truth to an otherwise oblivious American public.
As an added treat, we hope to be joined by both Martha Beatriz Roque, and Dr. Darsi Ferrer via telephone from the island. Make sure to tune in if you can.


Listen live online HERE.
UPDATE: Just got word that due to an unexpected scheduling conflict, the show has been moved to tomorrow, Friday. Sorry for the late word, but Radio Mambi just called to let us know.
UPDATE: Just got word, again, that due to another unexpected scheduling conflict, the show has been moved to next Tuesday, October 23.

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  1. Traten de obtener el permiso de Mambi para que alguno de ustedes grabe el programa COMPLETO con una camara de video como hicieron en el Versalles para Police para despues ponerlo en You Tube y repartirlo entre los cuban blogs

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