Another dead che

The thug in the red shirt owns the media, and he can talk about Cuban and Venezuelan unity, he can talk about “the love of the Venezuelan people for che.”
It seems the people prefer to speak for themselves, and just 8 days after it was unveiled, the monument has ended the same way the life ended in Bolivia, gunned down.
Via the Real Cuba, here’s the corpse:


14 thoughts on “Another dead che”

  1. Tyrants have to realize that the future will make the individual more destructive than ever. Even today one man can do a thousand time more damage than in years past. Wouldn’t it be better to let the individual spend all his time creating wealth freely rather than plotting against the son-of-a-bitch who is preventing him from doing so?

  2. I gotta give credit to the glass manufacturer. Look how it held up under heavy arms fire. It’s still, technically, connected and hasn’t been full penetrated. No doubt a for-profit, capitalist-owned glass factory manufactured this.

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