8 thoughts on “F* castro”

  1. Wait, you mean the ridiculous Adidas get-up wasn’t cheesy enough? It also happens to be obscene, since it’s deliberately the colors of the Cuban flag, but that’s typical. Why the hell did anybody feel a need to put his name on the thing? So if he wandered out to the street people would know who it was and bring him home? Is this tacky or what?

  2. The funny thing is not just that they felt a need to put his name on it, but that letters also seem to be in short supply in Cuba since they didn’t have enough of them to spell out his first name.

  3. Look, he’s reading a book by Alan Greenspan. Maybe he finally figured out communism isn’t cutting it as an economic system. He’d better read fast if he intends to get through the whole book 😉

  4. has anyone given any thought to the possibility that
    Fidel maybe suffering from Alzheimers,its rather odd that he looks so healthy yet hasn’t returned to power.Maybe its not his body but his mind

  5. The more I look at that photograph the more it looks staged. He’s holding the book backwards,he has the dumbest look and grin.He looks like a posed mannequin.

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