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  1. You know, I don’t agree with a great many things the current administration has done but damnit – that was well said. Going further, I’ll offer the president my most sincere thanks for refusing to settle for the temporary “new order” in Cuba.

  2. Henry, thanks for posting the video-snipet. It was interesting, but I can’t get all “goose-pimply” over it. It was just more of the same we’ve heard before from several other presidents, vice-presidents, wannabes, etc.
    Did he say he will enforce the Helms-Burton provisions against Spanish, Canadian and Italian companies that have multimillion dollar deals with the castro government? Did he say he will enforce current laws against the very wealthy Americans whose yacts are regularly found docked at Marina Hemingway? Did he promise to enforce existing laws barring the top executives of multinational companies that do business with Cuba from entering the U.S.? That has only been enforced against a few unlucky executives from third tier Latin American companies.
    Granted, I did not watch the entire speech, but if the snipet you posted is any indication, this is more of the same speechifying, with no substance.
    I am willing to eat my words, if shown to be mistaken. In fact, I would love to be mistaken. But, unfortunately, I think only the very unskeptical (if such a word exists) will be satisfied with these new pronouncements.

  3. I’ll hold him, and you hit him.
    Disclaimer: To any secret service or national security official who may be monitoring this blog, these last two comments are completely tongue-in-cheek, intended as a mere jest, and constitute no actual or intended threat on the well being of our beloved President, may he reign forever.

  4. Weak Bush….Solamente cazando el voto cubano …total si Hillary es un shoe in anyways…Iraq fiasco will win the election for Democrats
    let’s beat the shit out of bush , I am with you Val, thanks

  5. To the all knowing folks out there. Tell me why the president took the time to give such a speech today, given that he’s not up for re-election, and I think he’s pretty busy with all the stuff going on, on the other side of the Atlantic.
    Tell me why you think he took time to give such a speech. If it is the same as always, why today and for what reason?

  6. Lori,
    You seem to know why. Don’t be coy. Don’t keep us in suspense. Please share your knowledge with us.

  7. AbajoFidel,
    Dont be ridiculous, the election isnt until next year, and there’s no clear GOP front runner. I hardly think this is pandering for the 2008 vote.
    Exactly. he has absolutely NOTHING to gain, politically, for making that speech today. he can, and most undoubtedly will, have much to lose as I can already tell you the criticism that will be leveled his way for making said speech.
    Folks, Ive said this a million times: dont expect the US governmnet, under any administration, to invade Cuba or make many drastic changes to policy at this stage in the game. IT JUST AINT GONNA HAPPEN. let’s just take whatthey give and sure, criticize it if you will, but dont go debasing the president of the US for not sending a couple of battalions of Marines to Varadero. It aint his fault Cuba is fucked.

  8. Lori,
    My apologies then. I thought you were being facetious.
    I don’t know either. My guess is that it was in his calendar to “Deliver ‘inspiring’ speech to garner Cuban-American votes for Republican party from “unskeptical” (gullible)voters.”

  9. Val,
    The last thing I want (can’t speak for others), is for the Marines to invade Varadero, or any other part of Cuba. First, Cuba should not free itself of one master, just to welcome another.
    Second,think about how many thousands of innocent Iraquis and Afghans have been killed by US forces by mistake,and in some instances intentionally. That would be a tragedy if it were to happen in Cuba.

  10. Me acabo de enterar por fuentes que estuvieron en Cuba cuando Bush anuncio que le daria becas a los jovenes cubanos para estudiar en estados Unidos en el año 1999 0 2000. Ahora repite lo mimo … reciclado… Becas para jovenes cubanos…
    me dijo la fuente en Cuba que en aquella ocasion 500 jovenes se presentaron en la oficina de Intereses para aplicar para dichas becas…
    Hoy con este nuevo aviso se esperan de 1500 a 2000 solicitudes de jovenes quizas mas…
    PORQUE A FIDEL NO LE DA LA GANA…PARECE QUE EN WASHINGTON nadie tiene idea lo que es Cuba dictatorial sino preguntenle a Hilda Molina y asu mama
    cuando a fidel se le mete algo en la cabeza ES CUMPLIDO…no saldra hilda, no saldra nadie para becas, ni habra cambios en Cuba

  11. Val,
    It was not my intention to to “rub you” one way or another. I’m just expressing my opinion about the value of the President’s latest speech. It appears that we disagree about that.
    I have not insulted anyone here, used profane language, or disparaged any other commenter. But, it is your blog. If you wish, I shall retire to my corner.

  12. LG,
    All Im saying is that youve used that “unskeptical” line twice in this thread, and that insinuation is clear to me that you believe because I happen to have taken the speech as a good thing, that Im unskeptical. Quite the contrary, Im incredibly skeptical, but Im also enough of a realist to know that this is unfortunately as good as it’s gonna get.
    there’s lots of things we can still criticize vuis a vis US policy towards Cuba, but I for one am thankful for a 40 minute speech by the President of the US, the most powerful man on earth, highlighting the conditions of cuba, the plight of her people and brutality of the Cuban government.
    And one more thing, if you dont want Cubans to go from living under one master to living under another, better go buy a stack of phone cards and start calling your relatives back home telling them to takes to the streets right now and overthrow their own government, because as it is, I dont see much happening from the Cuban population to convince me they want to rule themselves.

  13. Val,
    I appreciate the explanation. Rest assured that it is not my intention to insult anyone.
    Nevertheless, the tone of the various postings hail today’s speech as something momentous. I am baffled by that. I still believe that one has to be extremely willing to turn a blind eye, to consider this speech anything more than the same empty platitudes we have all heard going back to Kennedy’s Orange Bowl promise to return the Brigade’s flag in a free Cuba. It was very “inspiring” 50 years ago, and it is just as “inspiring” today–fifty years later. But, unfortunately, nothing more.

  14. LG,
    Again, you may believe that these are the same old “platitudes”, and they very well may be, but given the situation in Cuba right now and its uncertainty, I have to believe that something may come of this speech. I want to believe that something may come of this speech. But again, Ill state this clearly, it uisnt up to the US to free the people of Cuba, the people of Cuba have to want that freedom and they have to sacrifice for it just like the poeple of every other country that were subjugated have done.

  15. 40 minutes , 1 hour, 3 hours , too little too late..
    Did Bush stop the sales of medicine and food to Cuba , that were only restored because the hurricane Vilma and still in place afterward…
    why is the Us the 1 to break the embargo
    Cual embargo? 600 miliion in cash sales to Cuba everyyear so that the sol melias can have enough food to sell the tourists and food feed the thousands of international students in Cuba that someday will spread the comunistic poison all a traves del mundo

  16. I echo what Val and Henry have written. I would like to add that today’s speech has garnered quite a bit of national and international media interest, much more so than a speech at Versailles would.
    Bush may or may not be the most powerful man on Earth, but short of invading Cuba I’m not sure what else he can do to expedite the dawn of freedom in Cuba.
    In the end, it’s up to Cubans.

  17. I agree with Lori & Co. that it’s curious that a 40-minute speech would be devoted entirely to Cuba with nothing to gain, and with Foggy Bottom as the venue, as Val and/or Henry said. It really, REALLY sounds to me like something is up.

    POSSIBILITIES (with likelihood on a scale of *1* to *10* in my opinion):

    1) Bush has solid intel that Castro is already dead and the gov’t will soon announce it. *4*

    2) Bush has solid intel that Castro is days or even hours from death. *7*

    3) Contacts are being and/or have been made between American intelligence and potential anti-Castro groups/leaders in Cuba to test the waters for possible American support of a second Bay of Pigs rebellion with (a) strictly logistical support with plausible deniability *4*, or (b) with direct/overt American military assistance. *2*

    4) No such contacts have been made yet but something like 3) above is in the planning stages at the Pentagon. *4*

    5) No military or logistical assistance of any kind but putting more teeth in the embargo and/or other economic/diplomatic sanctions or measures to intimidate Raul or whoever is the last man standing and crank up the pressure in general. *6*

    Another curious thing about the speech no-one has mentioned yet is all this talk about how this or that group “has a place in a free Cuba”. How can he say that unilaterally unless something really is up? The last time he said anything like that was about Iraq in early ’03.

  18. LG…Wait a minute pal..Americans can vote for whoever they choose the last time I checked. After observing the Democrat party attitudes towards Castro and socialism/communism in general you wont find many Cuban Americans or anyone else that cares, voting for these loons.

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