About those elections in Cuba

According to recent news stories from Cuba, the regime says that 95.4% of Cubans voted, and that the elections are transparent and democratic. There have also been news stories about raul and a so-called new “openess.”
There have been similar stories in the past. Words, lots and lots of words; about democracy and openess in Cuba.
Cuba’s actions tell a different story:

Ceskenoiny – Czech, Slovak deported from Cuba for involvement in dissent
Havana/Prague- Cuban authorities deported a Czech and a Slovak from the island who took part in an event staged by the Cuban opposition, the Spanish news agency EFE writes today, referring to diplomatic sources.
Czech ambassador to Havana Vit Korselt told CTK the embassy had learnt about the case from dissident sources and immigration police, but did not receive any official information.
A similar comment was given by the Slovak embassy, EFE writes.
According to EFE, both men were arrested in Santa Clara where they had been accommodated on Sunday morning and on the same day they were made to board the aircraft of Air France bound for Paris.
The arrested Slovak is a member of the European Network of Election Monitoring Organizations (ENEMO), EFE says.
The Czech, also a member of an NGO, helped him as translator. Both of them came to the island on October 19 and on Saturday they attended a conference organised by Cuban opposition journalist Guillermo Farinas on the conditions that must be fulfilled if elections are to be transparent and fair.
Local elections were held in Cuba on Sunday. Foreigners wanted to see some polling stations in Santa Clara. They were not allowed to do so, said Farinas, who was also detained for an hour, EFE said.

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