Proof of dementia? Yes. Proof of life? No.

I can’t translate this into English because (a) I am swamped with work, and (b) most of it is unintelligible. But for those of us who understand Spanish this video is proof that, even though castro is not physically dead, “he’s really most sincerely (brain) dead.”

To see him like this is almost sweeter revenge than his demise. He, of course, of the Jupiter-sized ego, would be appalled at what a fool he made of himself. Oh happy day!
(H/T Ismael N.)

14 thoughts on “Proof of dementia? Yes. Proof of life? No.”

  1. Thanks, George. Castro has always loved all those numbers and statistics, even if they don’t make any sense. I can’t believe they actually showed this on Cuban television, or did they? But he has been heading toward senility for years now.

  2. This is great because when the video first came out everyone’s initial reaction was, oh shit he’s still alive and we had all hoped he was dead. We didn’t pay close attention to video itself but rather that video existed. But it is obvious that the guy has lost the ability to string together a cogent sentence. I mean he was always a master at bullshit, but I don’t know how that “Randy” character that interviewed him didn’t crack up in the guy’s face. How desperate must the regime to roll this old man out and use this video as “proof” that everything is ok?

  3. I think this has been less about polishing fidel’s image and more about keeping at bay all those things that will happen once fidel is really dead.

  4. Actually, it’s rare that people have such a rapid drop in cognitive ability over just a year. Like I said last fall. They were trying to get his blood to clot to stem the intestinal bleeding but he had a stroke as a result. This is what the regime has been trying to keep hidden and that they would show a babbling Fidel is proof of just how desperate they are. It used to be sheik for many especially on the left to support Castro. From now on he and his partners in crime will be attacked from all corners of the world and righteously condemned.

  5. George espero que te hayas dado cuenta que este 3 week old video ” was doctored” like a photoshop to make him sound even more loco..
    take it for what it is worth
    great editing job..Work of the CIA probably

  6. definately shows sign of a stroke.
    what sucks is that this prick will lose all mental abilities and never be able to stand for his crimes.

  7. what sucks is that this prick will lose all mental abilities and never be able to stand for his crimes.

    Maybe not in THIS world, but…

  8. Stealing brains? who stole his? They should have checked with Fidelito the so called nuclear engineer before they released this funny Halloween vid…

  9. What bothers me the most about this video of a clearly senile Castro is that this is proof positive that those eloquent editorials that Castro allegedly writes as of late are not his, but from some phantom writer. Yet, the New York Times and other mainstream media outlets continuously claim that Castro is just blogging away and spending all of his spear time writing these cogent editorials. More proof that the MSM is complicitous with Castro.

  10. Even if Castro were perfectly lucid and in decent health, even if he were to be tried and condemned to death, no matter how horrible the form of execution, he would never pay for his crimes. There’s absolutely no way to make him PAY, not in this world, not even if he were boiled alive or drawn and quartered and disemboweled as they used to do centuries ago. He’s had absolute power over a whole country for nearly half a century, and he has used that power in the worst way, non-stop. There is no human punishment to fit his monumental guilt.

  11. Asombra,
    You are absolutely right. I have pondered this quite often. There is no way to ever make him suffer for his non-stop evil, malicious rule. The harm is far to great. I mean, even after he dies, we will be suffering his harm for years to come in the way of a depleted national patrimony, the destruction of Cuba’s fauna and flora, the debasement of an entire nation, the forced exile of millions, the executions and imprisonment of hundreds of thousands, and the distortion of our history. There is just no end even if we were to kill him in the worst possible way and we could bring him back to life repeatedly only to kill him again, he would not pay.

  12. That’s right, Ray. He’s not worth even one of the countless lives he’s destroyed or mutilated or oppressed. How could he possibly pay with his own worthless existence? How would his execution undo any of the untold suffering and incalculable loss he has caused over so many decades?
    And let’s not forget, the number of the guilty, of his accomplices, directly or indirectly, is absolutely staggering. Even in the best of circumstances, there will only be very partial and incomplete justice. So many years of the horror, so many, MANY crimes of every sort!

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