Unprecedented! Incredible! Perez-Roque Gets It!

Folks, my heart has once again been warmed by that contemptable shrew of a man, Cuban “Foreign Minister” Felipe Perez-Roque. Regular readers will recall my whole-hearted agreement with Roque’s September 2007 statement regarding the UN, when Felipito remarked:
“The Human Rights Council should not repeat the mistakes of its predecessor, the Commission on Human Rights, he said, calling for an end to selectivity and double standards.”
Well, seems as though the little guy has done it again. Perez-Roque has chosen truth over propaganda. Let’s give him a round of applause shall we?
In a response to U.S. President George W. Bush’s latest remarks on Cuba, Perez-Roque was quoted as saying:
“Bush’s plan to bring democracy to Cuba amounts to an effort to bring about regime change.”
That is of course, 100 percent correct, right on the money. Bingo! Of course, Perez-Roque says all this with more than a bit of disdain in his voice and I reproduce it here out of irony. Fact is, these cats know their days are numbered and comments like those made by Perez-Roque are nothing more than an effort to scare the globe into acting against pro-democracy efforts on the island – lest Cuba become, “gasp,” another Iraq! I highly doubt folks like Felipe Perez-Roque truly believe the U.S. Marines are going to storm the beaches of Cojimar and Santa Fe in an effort to overthrow the regime. Thus, Felipito’s remarks smack of nothing more than fear-mongering.
Go away you silly little man.

6 thoughts on “Unprecedented! Incredible! Perez-Roque Gets It!”

  1. I saw Filepe Perez-Torpe’s answer last night and it made me laugh. He seemed completely unprepared. It seemed as if someone above him told him. “Go out there and say anything just as long as you rant and rave about Bush and the embargo”

  2. Don’t be so hard on the vulgar little troglodyte. He can’t help it if he’s been put in a job he has absolutely no business doing. He does what he can, which is of course crude and coarse and brutish, but if you squeeze a lemon, you can only expect lemon juice. The fault lies in those who put him (and keep him) where he is. He is a faithful reflection of the system he serves.

  3. Apropos of Asombra’s “troglodyte” comment, am I the only one who thinks Perez-Roque looks like Trucutu? The resemblance is uncanny.

  4. LG,
    I think comparing Perez-Torpe to Trucutu is being too kind, Trucutu was humanoid. I’d compare him to Pluto, but I’d be insulting that poor dog.

  5. You are right Lori. My apologies to Trucutu.
    But, I still think there is a “family resemblance” thing going there. Maybe P-T is from a less developed branch of the same simian family. Witness the massive square head, the primitive protruding brow, the short stiff neck–it’s all there. When he “speaks” all one hears is grunts and howls.

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