Money for nothing- buying che

I know the lyrics don’t fit, but the title sure does. Money for Nothing.
In this case, it’s a lot of money for an even bigger nothing.

Hair lock of revolutionary icon che guevara fetches $100,000 at auction in Dallas
CNews – DALLAS – A hair lock snipped from ernesto (che) guevara before his burial in 1967 sold for $100,000 at auction Thursday to a Houston-area bookstore owner who called the Marxist “one of the greatest revolutionaries of the 20th century.”
Bill Butler, 61, won the eight-centimetre tress clipped from guevara’s mane after placing the only bid, which matched the reserve price.
Butler, who bid over the phone, said he was a collector of 1960s items and that the hair lock would fit in well.
“A lot of his writings are still worth reading today,” said Butler, whose comments were relayed by a Heritage auction house employee who spoke to him on the phone immediately after the auction.
Butler said he plans to ultimately display the hair at his Butler & Sons Books in Rosenberg, located just outside Houston.
The Dallas-based auction house had hired extra security as a precaution against protesters, who Heritage thought might attend after alleged threats made against the company. Heritage spokeswoman Kelley Norwine said the company had been monitoring “leftist bloggers” upset that the company was profiting from guevara’s death.
The hair was consigned by Gustavo Villoldo, a former CIA operative and Cuban exile who was involved in guevara’s capture, according to unclassified U.S. records and other documents.
Norwine said the hair hasn’t been forensically matched to guevara because of fears of test tampering. But she said the auction house is confident in its authenticity.

If you want to know more about Gustavo Villoldo, read The Man Who Buried che.

5 thoughts on “Money for nothing- buying che”

  1. Too bad a d-bag bought it. At least Villoldo helped to free him from some filthy capitalist lucre. May that penance absolve Villoldo of being involved in the extermination of “one of the greatest revolutionaries of the 20th century” in the minds of d-bags everywhere.

  2. One recalls that John Kerry and his detailee from the CIP; Jack Blum, gave Villoldo a lot of grief
    in their conspiracy seminar/ hearing. No big surprise there. as well as an erstwhile reporter
    for the American Spectator; James Ring Adams; (where is he now?) Only Gustavo and Felix really
    konw where Che’s body is buried. Unlike the propaganda corpse, that they reburied in Cuba in 1997.

  3. I too find it disheartening that some scumbag nutbag bought it. That said, he describes che as being the “one of the greatest revolutionaries of the 20th century” for his senseless murder of so many innocent Cuban men, women and children. Isn’t it poetic justice that che, the so-called posterboy for anti-capitalism, saw some of his last mortal remains sold to the highest bidder? It’s really a rather posthumous FUCK-YOU.
    PS: Pardon my language if I’ve offended anyone.

  4. I had no idea the hair of a mass murderer was fetching so much these days. Inspiring and uplifting, isn’t it?

  5. And yet…there is a certain fitting irony to some of Che’s remains being bought at an auction by a a member of the bourgeoise in the ultimate land of capitalism. Che’s got to be looking up and pounding on Hell’s glass ceiling over this..

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