Just Imagine…

Imagine if the Jeff Flakes and Charles Rangels of America could have their way.
Imagine if delegations of “businessmen” sent here by the Cuban government could come and go as they pleased under the guise of commerce.
Imagine Cuban government agents setting up shop in Washington D.C., meeting on a regular basis with high level US government officials, and subsequently interacting on a regular basis with the employees in those offices.
Imagine that history tends to repeat itself and that the communist regime in Cuba would not be able to resist the temptation to exploit this newfound access.
Even as a decades-long brazen enemy of the United States, the spies of Cuba’s communist dictatorship have been one of the most successful infiltrators of our national security. Christopher Simmons, a counter-intelligence officer for the Defense Intelligence Agency estimates that fidel castro and his thugs pull in hundreds of millions of dollars a year selling intelligence secrets to America’s enemies. These are intelligence secrets obtained by their agents operating in the US right now.
Imagine how much easier it would become for Cuban government spies if they were able to walk around the US as businessmen looking to buy some bushels of corn.

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  1. are you friggin’ kidding me? I am sure you’re right actually, the embargo protects the US from Cuba, who would certainly invade but only if it were made legal. ha!

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