Keep your eye on the Pigeons


If this does not prove that Cuba’s monarchical dictatorship feels impervious to anyone, and I repeat, anyone in the mainstream media questioning their laughable voting news, I do not know what will.
In this report from Granma, the government cites that 96.49% of registered voters cast ballots on October 21. Out of these ballots the government states that only 3.93% of them were left blank and 3.08% of the ballots were spoiled. Those numbers, if you don’t mind me saying, are pretty darn exact. They must have some very sophisticated equipment gathering and tallying up these poll numbers.
Well, it turns out that one of the sophisticated and high-tech tools they are using are carrier pigeons. That’s right—carrier pigeons. That is not slang for some new vote counting technology; I am talking about actual feathered, car crapping pigeons. To augment this highly efficient avian communication system, the communist government in Cuba also enlisted the help of 470 cyclists and 146 horse riders to ensure an ongoing flow of communication. It was not reported, however, whether the cyclists and horse riders were also pigeons.
That the communist regime can actually brag about the accuracy of their numbers and in the same breath brag about using carrier pigeons is just amazing to me. The truth is they feel they can say and do just about anything they want—no one in the media is going to challenge them.

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  1. I seem to recall that during the run-up to the war in Iraq, the Hussein government staged a general election, afterwards reporting that 99% of the voting public had cast their ballots for . . . well, of course – Saddam Hussein. Of course, much like Cuba, there were no election observers.

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