Our next president?

On Friday night, my wife asked me if I had seen the trailer for an upcoming documentary titled Hillary Uncensored. After telling her that I hadn’t, she pointed me to the Google video link which had the trailer, embedded below.

These are all former Democrat fundraisers making the allegations, not evil conservatives. WorldNet Daily published a piece about that is very illuminating:

Hollywood filmmakers normally inclined to support candidates such as Sen. Hillary Clinton are working quietly behind the scenes to put the finishing touches on a documentary alleging the New York Democrat committed felonies to get elected and assisted her husband in defrauding a major donor.
“The producers are essentially liberal Hollywood Democrats who fear exposure and retribution,” said Jim Nesfield, director of the Equal Justice Foundation of America, which is sponsoring the hour-long film, “Hillary Uncensored.”
Over the past two weeks, the trailer for the documentary became the No. 1-most viewed piece on Google’s video site, even though it was unlisted. The 13-minute video was posted July 18 but only recently became exposed through blog references, and it now has more than 860,000 views.

The full film – debuting Friday at Harvard University – tells the star-studded story of business mogul Peter Franklin Paul’s civil fraud suit against former President Clinton.
Paul claims President Clinton destroyed his entertainment company – Stan Lee Media – to get out of a $17 million deal in which he promised to promote the firm in exchange for stock, cash options and massive contributions to his wife’s 2000 campaign. Paul contends he was directed by the Clintons and Democratic Party leaders to foot the bill for a lavish Hollywood gala and fundraiser prior to the 2000 election that eventually cost him nearly $2 million. [Emphasis added.]

After watching the trailer, can anyone want the Clintons back in power? Mind you, I don’t want Obama to win; but I think on a danger scale for America of 1 to 10, Hillary is an 11 and Obama is a 9.5. Your comments are welcome after you view the 13 minute clip.


Being a fan of Cyrus Nowrasteh’s The Path to 9/11, and wondering when the DVD would be released — after all it’s been well over a year since broadcast on the nights of September 10 and 11, 2006 — I was searching the Internet for news when I came across this piece from the Los Angeles Times on the possible scuttling of the DVD release so as to not hurt Hillary’s candidacy. Take it for what it’s worth.

4 thoughts on “Our next president?”

  1. I don’t understand how the Clinton’s get away with these things [and lets not forget the mysterious deaths of people near the Clintons, and how Clinton would capriciously unleash the IRS to investigate and hound his enemies]. If ever there was a couple that reminded me of MacBeth and Lady MacBeth, it’s Bill and Hillary. They must have sold their soul to the devil or something. They are so totally ruthless and lacking in morals. God Help us if she’s elected president and we have not just her, but Bill as first-husband.

  2. On Youtube I was watching some videos of Cubano musica. Someone posted a comment that said:”I want to go to Cuba!”
    I told him as long as he was rich, white, and American he’d have no problemo. I also added that to save money, he could just wait til Hillary becomes el presidente, then move to a tropical part of the US and Cuba will have come to him!
    But you must admit, Hillary is hot! Look at that booty!

  3. Stan Lee is the man. C’mon he built part of my child-hood. Both Marvel and DC comics shaped my earlier life and turned me on to drawing up comic books and gave me that nudge that would eventually lead me to Conservitism (thanks to Superman and Captain America)
    The rest of the video for me was blah blah blah…Hillary is a piece of shit…blah blah blah.
    Fred Thompson 08

  4. The article describing Peter Franklin Paul as a “business mogul” omitted mentioning his record as a drug dealer and government snitch.
    Paul was a Miami lawyer who in the 1970s registered the WFC Corporation of Guillermo Hernandez Cartaya, a drug dealer accused of receiving financial assistance from Cuba. Paul then sold the Cuban government 3,000 tons of non-existent Dominican coffee, for which the Cuban government paid $8.75 million to his account in the Bank of Nova Scotia in Toronto. The transaction was approved by Guillermo Ortega Broton of Cuba Export.
    Paul was arrested on Oct. 3, 1978, when 15 pounds of cocaine, valued at one million dollars, were seized in his Miami home. He became a snitch as testified against his co-defendants to have his sentence reduced to three years.

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