John Waters gets it


Not from whom you would expect it, but at least we have another example of a Hollywood favorite that has not allowed himself to be blinded by the castro/che love-fest so popular on the left coast. In this question and answer session in the Charlotte Observer, actor/director/writer/producer John Waters even takes a stab at his Hollywood friends.

Q. If the United States is destined to be the world’s policeman, where should we send our troops next — and why?
A. To Cuba, to find the people who were mean to gay people and locked them up and punished them, just the way we (went after) the Nazis. We’re supposed to forget that? I can’t, and that’s the only thing I’m right-wing on; Che Guevara was horrible to gay people. And something about my rich liberal friends going to Cuba rubs me the wrong way, because Cuban people can’t do what we do there and spend the money we spend.

I cannot say I agree with the rest of his politics, but I can say he nailed the Cuba part down pat.

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  1. The persecution of gay people in Cuba was well documented especially in the film Mauvaise Conduite in 1984 by the late great Nestor Almendros.
    The late poet Allen Ginsberg also was outspoken about being thrown out of Cuba for saying that “Che was cute” and that Raul was gay.
    But the libs will still wear their Che shirts and will continue to tout Cuba as paradise.
    Never forget is the mantra. Bravo John!

  2. I’m sure Mr. Waters will be hearing from Mariela Castro soon, so he can learn about the new, kinder and gentler approach to gays in Cuba, and how past abuses were really just misunderstandings. She will no doubt be prepared to throw him some choice bone or other, like a Waters film festival in Havana. After all, can’t have somebody like him saying inconvenient things.

  3. Asombra,
    That is a scary thing. I just hope if that ever happens, he sees through the propaganda and doesn’t become another tool.

  4. This what I am talking about when it comes to intellectual honesty. I can disagree with liberalism and liberals can disagree with me. But be honest enough to decry abuses wherever they happen regardless of the political stripe of the regime that commits them. Mr. Waters is definitively being intellectually honest here. He perhaps believes in socialism and in principles that are very different than mine but he recognizes that Cuba is not the socialist utopia that his colleagues want to portray it as.
    Bravo, Mr. Waters. Bravo.

  5. The only reason that a Hollywood liberal, or any type of liberal, defends Castro or goes to Cuba to engage-in and have a Castrorgasm, is directly related to their ‘Anti-Americanism’ in their blood.

    This is really all it is. This explains it all. It’s pure and simple.

    You see, they will absolve, condone, protect, support, and defend any bloody tyrant in the world – as long as they are ANTI-AMERICAN!!!

    Go ahead. Apply this test to any situation, and see what the results are.

  6. I think that we need all the support we can get, from the left, from the right, from the center, from Hollywood, from gays, straights, etc.
    I think we should all send messages of appreciation to this guy.

  7. Heh….being somewhat passingly familiar with Mr. Waters’ career, it’s not surprising that he’d actually make the right call with regard to castro and che….if there’s anyone who you’d think would know a “comemierda” when they see one, it’s him! (Those who know what Mr. Waters’ original claim to fame-or perhaps infamy, rather-will get the reference….)

  8. *ding!ding!ding!* Someone give Cigar Mike a cigar! 😀 (I figured I could at least count on you and possibly George to know what I was rather “delicately” hinting at…. 😉 ) I have to admit, I couldn’t resist the wordplay. 🙂 (Comes from growing up with a father who delighted in bad puns I guess, though his were cleaner than mine usually are.) Actually though, Pink Flamingos was neither Waters’ nor Divine’s first movie. IIRC, Waters had been making movies for about 10 years before PF, and Divine had been in several of them, too. But it was the first of his films that actually got his name out before the general public. 🙂

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