What’s good for the goose…

Today is one of those days when I just don’t feel like arguing. The UN general assembly will vote today on a resolution that condemns the US for their economic embargo on Cuba’s rogue regime. “castro’s rangers” have been running around the halls of the UN securing votes for this useless resolution from a useless international body.
We can list here the numerous and justifiable reasons for the embargo as it has been done on these pages time and time again, but what is the point? Cuba’s dictatorial oligarchy can say and do whatever they like and the world at large will applaud them. No one will challenge them, nor will anyone in the UN’s governing body dare impugn them for their copious and well-documented violation of human rights. Arguing with facts and truth against Cuba’s elite masters—which have the full resources of fantasy to draw upon as weapons and the backing of the most powerful and unprincipled world elite—can sometimes feel like a quixotic exercise in futility.
So, instead of disputing this issue with facts and specifics, I’ll just take a play right out of their book, if only just for today.
Why doesn’t the US remove the embargo on Cuba?
¡Porque no le da las ganas!

5 thoughts on “What’s good for the goose…”

  1. Has the UN ever condemned the seizure of US property by castro? Just wondering. Seems UN condemnation only goes in one direction.

  2. Hmmm, maybe because our Counterintel boys have been spending almost 50 years chasing Cuban agents around the USA, and we don’t want to sell them the rope to hang us with? Naaaah, we’re just big meanies! /sarc

  3. One Question and One Only – Will the UN Co-Sign For All of the Castro Regime’ BAD DEBTS? Until I hear an answer in the affirmative – NO DEAL.

  4. The safest country in the world from UN action is any country against which the UN has passed a resolution of condemnation. History shows that such resolutions iron clad proof of the UN’s resolve to do absolutely nothing.

    Which……come to think of it……..means that this latest resolution could be the UN’s round about way of saying they’ve finally decided they like America after all. Could it be….?

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