Change is not just desired, change is required

El Mizzoubanazo has audio from Julio Cesar Lopez Rodriguez who explains what’s going on with the Cuban youth that are being detained for the mere act of wearing a bracelet that says the word “change” on it. The youths are decrying the recent Cuban “elections” as a farce. The regime is detaining these youths, harassing them and then releasing them. This is an intimidation tactic and it’s being used because the tyrants in Havana understand that suddenly the world is watching what’s going on Cuba.
A change of approach is definitely required, but who needs to change? Who needs to look at new solutions, the U.S. or the band of thugs that run castro, inc.?
I submit to you that change needs to come on the other side of the Florida straits. It’s those changes that will mean all the difference for the Cuban people, it’s those changes that will open the door to changes in U.S. policy.