Cuban Ingenuity


Mira que los cubanos siempre están inventando.
A Cuban in Pittsburg, Kansas, of all places, has become a local hit with his “Little Havana on Wheels” restaurant. Apparently he could not afford a stationary restaurant, so he made a mobile one from what appears to be an old school bus. The locals are going crazy for his pan con bistec sandwiches.
Read the whole story here, and watch a news video report here.

4 thoughts on “Cuban Ingenuity”

  1. This is why I know that Cuba can be turned around very quickly once the cuban mafia is out. Cubans are hard workers if given the incentive of making something for themselves. If a Cuban can succeed in Kansas, what can stop him in his own country?… Give us a chance and we can do the impossible!

  2. While personal initiative and the work ethic were firmly established in the Cuba of 50 years ago, they have been firmly extinguished from Cubans living in Cuba. Passivity is a survival mechanism for coping with a totalitarian regime. It will be a long hard slog to reintroduce personal initiative and the work ethic into Cuba, once the current regime is gone.

  3. I wish this guy would have been there when I was studying there 10 years ago! I’ve met plenty of Cubans living in unusual places, but this one is up there on my list of Cubans in unlikely places! Good for him, I wish him plenty of success in gorilla country!(U of pittsburg, ka. school mascot is the gorilla, go figure!)

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