Respect for your country

Since he was big enough to understand, I have taught my son to respect the institutions of his country. I’ve taught him to recite the pledge of allegiance and to place his hand over his heart when reciting it, and also when the Star Spangled Banner is played. It’s the least someone can do to respect this country, regardless of disagreements you may have with policy. So when I get this eye-opening photograph, I knew I had to share it. The loons and nutroots on the left make a big fucking deal when we (rightfully) call them unpatriotic, but they have no one to blame for the name calling than themselves.


I’d love to know the prevenance of the photo and the location of the event where this occured. Senator Barack Hussein Obama, Governor Bill Richardson, Senator Hillary Clinton and Ruth Harkin stand during the national anthem. Senator Obama doesn’t seem to be on the same page as the others when it comes to the national anthem (or pledge of allegiance).
This is one scary election season…
(H/T Karen M)

12 thoughts on “Respect for your country”

  1. George,
    This election season is even scarier than you can possibly imagine. I predict that after next year’s presidential election, this country will have its first female head of state. Now, how is that for scary?

  2. What George said!
    And remember Obama is the guy who decided it was more ‘honest’ to stop wearing his lapel flag pin.

  3. “Are the three bullshit artists following protocol behind him any better?”
    No, but at least Obama is honest enough to show us who he really is. That said, he’s that much more dangerous in some ways precisely because he is so overt and blatant.

  4. The Manchurian candidate for the heathen and commie oppressors, the repressed lesbian member of Venceremos Brigade shadowed by the wannabee Mexican when is convinient for him…

  5. If the flag is behind them, three are looking to their right, and one is looking forward, what exactly are they supposedly paying respect to? Someone must have showed up in a Che shirt.

  6. Sorry, I wasn’t taught to place my hand over my heart when the national anthem is playing. ONLY during the pledge of allegiance. Do you also put your hand over you heart when the TSA makes you take of your top-siders off at the airport? You’re making this out to be more than it is (nothing).

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