Stand in Solidarity with the Cubans who want CHANGE


By popular request: Claudia is making available the CAMBIO bracelet at cost, $2. Get one for yourself, or order a bunch for your family and friends. As Claudia’s activism shows, you don’t have to be Cuban in order to stand up for the rights of the oppressed Cuban people.
You can order your CAMBIO bracelets at Claudia4Libertad, click here.

18 thoughts on “Stand in Solidarity with the Cubans who want CHANGE”

  1. Also please check out Raices de Esperanza’s website, they originated the bracelet! My hats off to all of your for supporting youth movements in Cuba!!!

  2. Be patient with the paypal link, it is not cooperating with me tonight. I’ll take orders for now, I just had 50 more made, so if you email me from my site I’ll send you an invoice. You can pay by Paypal or by regular mail.

  3. Everyone should be clear that this is an initiative started in Cuba by Cubans. It is important that we support this initiative…now more than ever. And, I am sure many organizations and individuals have been supportive but it’s not about one group or one person, at the end of the day it is about Cubans seeking CHANGE.

  4. An order of 500k ” cambio” bracelets have been placed . Suppliers and mulas for transport needed. Will be sent to Cuba for free distribution among young cubans bf Christmas…

  5. Raices de Esperanza’s did not start ot Cambio bracelet…Damn…why is everyone always trying to take credit! MARC started the Cambio campaign!!! and he is not even Cuban!!!

  6. Ziva – I hope the next two posts clarified what I was trying to say. I was responded to the first entry about Raices de Esperanza taking “credit” for something that they had nothing to do with. Although unfortunate, this group continues to go down the path of CANF… a desire to be relevant, jumping on a convenient bandwagon, and at the end of day doing nothing at all to help the cause of freedom we all support… all I can say is, we know where CANF is now….and as a young Cuban I am disappointed that this Raices organization is on the same path to irrelevancy.
    Jluix: Thank you for the Harry Truman quote. It is perfect.

  7. Perhaps this idea of wearing these bracelets should be e-mailed to Sean Hannity, of Hannity and Combs fame. I think this is going to generate tremendous support. It should be publicized especially on campus. It has the potential to spread like wildfire.Has these news about the arrests of the students in Cuba been seen in any news broadcast? Not here in the Peoples Republic of Baltimore.

  8. I just posted a bulletin on everyone should spread the word to their kids that have that cuban streak in them this could be huge but only if we make it huge!!! Viva Cuba Libre!!!

  9. Alopez, thanks for the clarification. I just didn’t want the post to stray from the topic, which is supporting those in Cuba risking their necks to make a statement. The least we can do is publicize their brave acts, and wearing a bracelet in solidarity makes a statement.Also, I encourage eveyone to put a free Cuba bumper sticker or some such on their car. Everyone who looks at it will get the message, Cuba is not free.

  10. Can someone summarize the “history” of the CAMBIO bracelet? I was aware of its existence. But, I have to admit I do not know who originated it, when, etc.
    I see from the above comments that it apparently originated inside Cuba. I”d like to know more. Thanks.

  11. Just so everyone knows- there is no profit to be made or proceeds to be earned from these bracelets. Had I had some forethought, I could have, as Alberto D. suggested, arranged to donate proceeds to a dissident group in Cuba. However, the ball got rolling VERY quickly by the time he mentioned that to me and now I set the price at $2 which covers the actual cost and the shipping to those who order.
    The orders are close to 100- I will order as many as needed.

  12. Ziva – thank for your note. Agree with not straying from the topic…and is exactly what I wanted to avoid a why it was important to clarify.
    I think the press coverage on the CAMBIO initiative these past two days has been very important.
    As was explained to me, this effort started on the island – similar to the effort undertaken by the Ladies in White – but rather than a weekly march as they do dressed in white, etc; others started wearing white (t-shirts, strips of white cloth on their arms, etc) in a more symbolic manner for those seeking change…as that was taking off, an effort began to help by getting actual wristbands, t-shirts, stickers, etc. made and sent into the island. The wristband has stuck – especially among the young Cubans on the island. It really is amazing and hopefully we can help those on the island by continuing to spread the word about it and by continuing to talk about our solidarity with their brave efforts.
    If anyone has more information about the origination, I too would like to hear more.

  13. i dont think Raices is trying to take credit for it. I think it was something someone said that caused all this commotion. If you read their website it will say clearly that the CAMBIO stuff did not originate with Raices

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