Lisandro Perez, castro Agent?

Before anyone starts whining about the title above, please listen to this audio recording of a post Bush Cuba speech interview with NPR featuring:
Professor Lisandro Perez, Florida International University
Mauricio Claver-Carone, Cuba Democracy Advocates
Professor Lydia Chavez, University of California at Berkley
Perhaps “Professor” Lisandro Perez thought that this interview, done for NPR on the West coast, wouldnt be heard anywhere else, especially here in the hard-line Cuban-American intransigent Miami Mafia Community.
I suppose actos de repudio should be rewarded with the lifting of the embargo. I suppose the encarceration of youths for wearing a bracelet should be rewarded with the lifting of the embargo, I suppose the encarceration of Dr. Oscar Elias Biscet should be rewarded with the lifting of the embargo. Perhaps the systematic violation of every basic and human right should be rewarded with the lifting of the embargo. Apparently, to “Professor” Lisandro Perez, there are no moral implications at play here.
Bring on the China model, eh Lisandro?
And dont even get me started on Lydia Chavez.

7 thoughts on “Lisandro Perez, castro Agent?”

  1. What I wonder about is not Lisandro Perez, who couldn’t be much more obvious, but rather FIU president Maidique, who is ultimately responsible for the numerous highly suspect goings-on at FIU.
    Maybe he’s simply a useful fool (he looks dopey enough), or maybe he’s figured that being a player in academia requires following the established rules, including avoiding at all cost looking even remotely “intransigent.” However, doubts and suspicions definitely remain.

  2. Whether it’s Maidique’s or his predecessor’s fault, FIU habors a nest of pro-cubancommie AVISPAS that are well entrenched and have a very long history in the halls of that institution.
    It’s sort of badge of pride for the school, from what I have read and observed. If you’re a contributing alumnus/a — take note and send your hard earned cash elsewhere.

  3. Notably at a debate about the embargo at the tower theater, Perez was teamed up with Jeff Flake in arguing against the embargo. When asked by an audience member to stipulate that the government in Cuba is a dictatorship that abuses human rights, Dr. Perez refused. He did not say a critical word about the regime. My opinion is that Perez is an agent of the regime.

  4. Lisandro Perez is detestable. He is one of those self-hating Cuban Americans [as we call them in Spanish, “un resentido”] who has sold his soul to the ruling class. If you want to get ahead in academia or in the arts, you of course either overtly or tacitly through total indifference support Castro as Mr. Perez does.
    What is truly horrible about all of this is that while other ethnic groups likeblacks, Chicanos and Puerto Ricans have University Departments and Think Tanks that look after their interests, Perez spends all his time trashing Cuban Americans and writing horrible books that proport to be academic studies on us, but that biased trash and that do nothing but trash us.

  5. Good for you, Lisandro! Don’t listen to these people. They are just jealous of your success and international fame. They love you in Cuba and in FIU.

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