Nordlinger: Bush shines with honor for Biscet

Friend of Cuban freedom Jay Nordlinger sums up perfectly the significance of President Bush honoring Cuban political prisoner Oscar Biscet with the Presidential Medal of Freedom:

In awarding this medal, President Bush — not for the first time — has shown huge brass ones. How many other presidents would have done this? I can’t think of any (save our boy, the 40th). And don’t hold your breath for a president in the future who will act this way.
As I said in a recent column, conservatives are down on President Bush, blaming him for everything under the sun, picking at him. Sure, he’s made mistakes. But he also has greatness in him. And this was a great act. In bestowing the Presidential Medal of Freedom on Oscar Biscet — an all-but-forgotten and all-but-helpless man in a Cuban dungeon — George Bush has done an incredibly large-hearted and important thing.
Do not think it’s merely symbolic: This award has rocketed through dissident circles, and nerved Cubans and their well-wishers everywhere.

The medal will be presented to Biscet, in absentia, of course, on Monday.

3 thoughts on “Nordlinger: Bush shines with honor for Biscet”

  1. Amen!!
    Thanks for the post Marc 🙂
    I wish you well, Melek
    “Say what you Mean, Be who you Are, and Do what you Know is Right. Live with Sincerity, and the pathways you follow will be richly fulfilling.” ~ R. Marston

  2. What an amazing award for Biscet. Bush definitely did the right thing here, honoring this hero and giving hope to so many others. Cynthia

  3. I’m so elated for Biscet and his wife; I only hope it encourages them in their hearts and bones and reminds them that their suffering is not in vain.

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