3 thoughts on “Ziegler in Cuba”

  1. The problem with the shameless is that they have no shame. Really. It’s kinda tough to fix that without a brain transplant, and we’re not there yet.

  2. Pull the plug on the UN! Then run all those hypocrites right out of the USA on the first crop duster out of the country! The only thing that unites these nations is their hater for us. Well that’s fine but we don’t have to have them over for dinner. Throw them out NOW!!!

  3. U.N. expert on the right to food said Thursday that Cuba demonstrates its creativity by finding ways to feed its population despite shortages prompted by the nearly 50-year-old U.S. trade embargo…the direct sale of food and agricultural products began in late 2001.

    Does anyone notice a disconnection between logic and speech here?

    Here is another disconnection between logic and speech.

    2001 Arable land (hectares per person) (World Bank)

    Cuba 0.2943204

    Latin America 0.2742508

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