Nickleodeon: Indoctrinating America’s Children


You may remember last years Babalu campaign against Nickelodeon, “Nickleodeon pimping che guevara”. This is worse; Nickelodeon’s Linda Ellerbee produced, “Nick News”, is encouraging America’s youth to become “Rebels.” Watch this sickening indoctrination video, “Rebels With a Cause“.
The show profiles activist teens, “fighting” for their various causes. For instance, depicted in the above screen capture, American kids dressed as “Guantanamo prisoners” demand that our American troops stop torturing innocents. This is outrageous political propaganda directed at American children. I strongly urge our readers to contact Nickelodeon and demand an end to this kind of political propaganda programming, especially in light of the fact that Nick News also provides videos and lessons for U.S. public schools.
Here is their contact information:
1515 Broadway
New York, N.Y. 10036
(212) 258-6000

2 thoughts on “Nickleodeon: Indoctrinating America’s Children”

  1. There is nothing in this world more pesao than little kids lecturing adults — except maybe adults who encourage them. Be that as it may, I love the way Ellerbee just lets stand the little sh*t’s assertion that the US is torturing prisoners, as if it were a given. I can only hope that by the time this little punk is old enough to vote, he’ll still have the right to do so.

  2. Ziva, thanks for the heads-up. Took your suggestion and fired off an email to Nickelodeon. My kid watches that stuff and unfortunately I don’t have time to vett everything she sees. It really is scary to see what the liberal controlled media is doing to our society. As I’ve said before, I thought that’s why my parents fled the island, among many other things, to avoid our indoctrination by state-controlled media. Jimminy Crickets!

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