The Dems Want YOU

Today’s Sun Sentinel had some light entertainment in the form of an article about a Democrat push for the Cuban American vote. It quotes our very own Bob Menendez, brought to Florida to energize the troops, as saying it would be a “mistake” to write off Cuban Americans. As he says-
“If you can strike a responsive chord in the Cuban-American community on U.S.-Cuba policy, the rest of their thinking is very progressive,”
Okay, let’s test the theory. Right now, think of every Cuban/Cuban American you know. Now count on the fingers of your hands how many could by termed “progressive” in any sense of the term. I have one, and that’s a maybe. Oh, but then we have the usual shibboleths/wishful thinking about about how the politics of Cuban Americans have changed in which a passing truck is given tectonic significance, this time elaborated by that expert on all things Cuban, Sen. Bill Nelson who opines:
…people shouldn’t focus just on Cubans who came to the United States when Fidel Castro took control. People who came to this country during the 1980 Mariel boat lift or who were born in this country to Cuban-American parents don’t feel as strongly about Cuba, he said.
Just how off is this statement? Let me count the ways…. Never mind, although I am thinking of wearing a scarlet “H” on my breast. I’m not sure whether it would denote “hardliner” or “historic.” Geesh, I feel old. I take comfort in Cindy Guerra, the vice chairwoman of the Broward Republican Party who seems to take the Democrat machinations in stride, to her “Democrats thinking they can make gains among Cuban-Americans ‘shows me they’re desperate.’”

4 thoughts on “The Dems Want YOU”

  1. Wow… I was born here, I have never been to Cuba, and I have a lot of family still in Cuba as well as the US–I guess I fit that demographic Bill Nelson is talking about.
    So why am I not a progressive?
    Is there something wrong with me?
    Or is there perhaps something disingenuous in their proclamations that Cuban-Americans are turning progressives by droves? Do they think if they say it enough will become true?
    I thought I saw Joe Garcia clicking the heels of his ruby slippers.

  2. Wow, they are more ignorant than I thought….my 26 year old daughter was born here, has never been to Cuba, and considers herself an American, but have someone defend fidel or wear a che t-shirt in front of her and her “cubanita” blood boils over. I have seen her put a couple of her friends in place for wearing che t-shirts and has not even allowed them to come inside the house until they changed. Her stance on the castro mafia and liberty for Cuba is just as strong as mine. When I asked her about her feelings, she told me that it would be a lack of respect for her grandparents and for me if she felt differently, and that any human being who cares for mankind should also feel the same way. She weeps with joy whenever new arrivals get here, and weeps with sadness when she hears about political dissident prisoners. She is the generation the democrats are talking about? How WRONG they are! And yes, they left Joe Garcia out because I think they already know what a fool we all consider him.

  3. The Democrats have a simple platform. It contains only two planks.
    1. On domestic policy, we will anything to buy votes with taxpayer money.
    2. On foreign policy, we hate foreign policy. There are simply too few votes to buy.
    The “outreach” to Cuban Americans is simply the belief among Democrats that there must be something that can be used to buy their votes. Progressive in Demospeak is bribable.

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