You don’t say…

Yesterday the Miami Herald published a story about how the Cuban Ministry of the Interior, in other words the secret police, received training and consultation from the infamous East German Stasi secret police. I don’t know if anyone at One Herald Plaza found this information surprising, but then again, they are the Herald.


They probably missed this article written by Romanian Ion Mihai Pacepa who was a former DIE agent (how appropriate an acronym) in communist Romania published in the National Review. There Pacepa not only details who the real raul castro is, but shows how closely Cuba’s dictatorship worked with and learned from the communist bloc nations in Eastern Europe.
This is the same regime that the mainstream press and countless other appeasers wants us to negotiate and reopen diplomatic ties with. Yeah, sounds like a brilliant idea. Why don’t we have a few Cuban representatives over for cocktails and see if we can’t work this thing out.
We intransigent Cuban-Americans are so overly suspicious. Just because it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a duck.

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