Cuba’s state sponsored child abuse



These are disturbing images of the “militant” indoctrination of Cuban children, forced to stand for who knows how many hours, working as spying guards for the regime, saluting like good little soldiers.
The very same code-pinkos that decry voluntary ROTC programs and vandalize U.S. military recruitment offices ignore this blatant coercion of children in Cuba.

4 thoughts on “Cuba’s state sponsored child abuse”

  1. Ah, but you see, it’s only wrong or objectionable if it involves a certain ideology. Just like some dictators are “OK” and some totalitarian systems, no matter how horrible, get a pass. It’s called hypocrisy.

  2. Are those girls anorexic, or are they not getting enough to eat? We know they’re not getting milk if they’re over 7 years old.

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