Note to Naomi, Kevin and Sean

Kevin Spacey, Sean Penn and Naomi Campbell, when you visit and rub elbows with hugo chavez, it aint just a photo op, you are supporting this:


The photo caption from the Miami Herald:

A supporter of Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez points a pistol toward two opponents of Chavez during clashes at Venezuela’s Central University in Caracas, on Wednesday.
Gunmen opened fire on students returning from a march Wednesday in which 80,000 people denounced President Hugo Chavez’s attempts to expand his power. At least one person was killed and six were wounded, officials said.


Those chavez goons sure did learn well from their castro masters, no?

6 thoughts on “Note to Naomi, Kevin and Sean”

  1. They are so brave that they need to cover their faces…I’m being sarcastic of course. They are just a bunch of cowards that now feel important because their head thug is in power. These brave young men and women demonstrating in Venezuela need our support, just like the young people of Cuba demanding Cambio need our support.

  2. If Chavez were a right-wing dictator, this story would be at the top fold of the New York Times and on the top of the news at MSNBC, CNN, etc., etc.
    I wish someone would confront Sean Penn, Kevin Spacey, Naomi Campbell, Danny Glover and all the other morons and ask them how they feel now about their lovable dictator.

  3. Penn, Campbell and company are not interested in reality, only image. They are, among other things, shallow, self-absorbed, conceited jerks who want to pass as serious and “deep.” They only see what they want to see. However, as much as they disgust me, I reserve even greater scorn for those who enable them and/or take them seriously.

  4. What the fuhhhhh is going on! This is madness and no one cares but us!
    even some of us don’t care vayas muy lejos
    ” The Venezuelan problem is a Cuban problem”
    Fantomas Nov 8, 2007

  5. Yes, the Venezuelan problem is definitely a Cuban problem. The Venezuelans screwed themselves AND Cuba to boot. All our warnings, of course, were ignored, not to mention the example of Cuba itself. I’m certainly sorry Cuba got sucked into this mess, but I can’t feel a whole lot of sympathy for Venezuelans. Chavez was never subtle or hard to figure out. They asked for what they’ve got.

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