The victims of che guevara

Young America’s Foundation president Ron Robinson and designer Jonathon Briggs have created a poster of the infamous Butcher of La Cabaña that is actually worthy of display. With the help of our own Humberto Fontova, they have put together a collage of tiny pictures of the victims who lost their lives because of this vile excuse for a human. The photographs are arranged to form a Kordaesque image of this Mephistophelian beast. They have printed 10,000 of these posters in commemoration of Freedom Week, which celebrates the fall of the Berlin Wall on November 9, 1989.


Kudos to the YAC for finding a new and creative way to educate today’s collegians who are so easily fooled into thinking che was anything more than a serial killer.
You can read about the poster and Freedom Week HERE.
You can read all about YAF and order your free poster (while supplies last) HERE.
You can see a larger image of the poster HERE.

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