To Err Is American…

While on a visit to La Plata, Argentina , Mariela Castro, Princess, Sexologist, gay rights advocate and free spirit, yes as Raul’s daughter, she doesn’t have to abide by the same rules as her fellow Cubans and is afforded the luxury of being a “free” spirit, was interviewed by the Diario Hoy.(in Spanish)
The interview basically focused on how and why the United States is the root of evil.
But, she was asked if it was true that gays were jailed in Cuba under the communist regime as argued by gay Cuban writer Reynaldo Arenas. No, the interviewer didn’t ask about the rest of the Cuban population-they live in paradise. Mariela responded that Arena’s autobiographical novel, Before Night Falls, was evidence that Arenas had made a “commercial operation” out of his life-suggesting that profit was his motivation for his anti castro activism and for writing his novel.
She then goes on to blame the American Psychiatric Association for the atrocities of the UMAP concentration camps where gays, among others, were incarcerated and forced to perform hard labor.
You see, back in the day, homosexuality was considered a mental illness by the APA and they-the Americans-“set the guidelines”. In her answer, Mariela rationalizes the UMAP camps as an attempt by her benevolent, well meaning yet macho and misguided – by the Americans- family to cure these sissies of their mental illness through slave labor in concentration camps that had euphamistic signs on the entrance proclaiming that “Work Will Make Men Out Of You”.
Interesting how those other guidelines set by the Americans, and followed in some form by any prosperous country at the time, like the rule of law and that whole unalienable rights thing, didn’t influence revolutionary policy.
Of course, in the revolution’s Stalinist ideology, anyone who does not see the benefit in renouncing God and embracing atheism, sacrificing their children to the revolution and giving up all their private property to the collective is considered mentally ill and subject to be treated with a course of reeducation through incarceration.
Basically throwing her soon to be late uncle under the bus, Mariela also says that it pleases her “that today in Cuba these problems are being discussed. We speak of what happened to gain knowledge and not repeat errors.”
That’s a whole lot of talking…even for Cubans.

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  1. This a VERY odd example of a woman blowing hot and cold. I can tell you that I’ve interviewed numerous gay transvestites on the island who report that any time they’ve been arrested, they’ve gotten a hold of Mariela Castro, who always brokers their release.
    I just don’t understand the back-and-forth oddness she seems to exhibit. Make up your mind already.
    As for the Arenas quote – I seem to be suffering from a lack of words. My jaw just hit the floor.

  2. A:
    Interesting. She’s now the family spokesperson so it’s to be expected for her to give the party line. I think it’s eye-opening how they’re starting to throw FC under the bus. It’s not the first time she says he -the revolution-committed mistakes, but always rationalizes the mistakes as caused by some American action.

  3. She’s not hot and cold; she’s trying to play both sides of the street and have it both ways. It’s clear she’s much smarter than a goon like Perro Roque, who simply barks on cue, and she’s figured out she can get lots of mileage from the liberal press by playing the elightened gay-rights advocate.
    It’s no sweat for her to bail out assorted alternative lifestylers; it looks good on her resume, and she gets points both for being a “maverick” and “progressive.” However, she can only fool the foolish, or those who want or need to be fooled. She’s nothing more than a glorified propagandist for a horrendously perverse system: the smiling face of hell.

  4. Funny how the US is to blame for the harsh treatment of gays in Cuba based on our psychiatry standards at the time, yet I don’t remember US law enforecement picking up gay men and sending them to work camps to make “men out of them.”
    Perhaps US psychiatry standards did indeed believe homosexuality to be a mental illness during that time, but it took a communist dictator and his henchmen to use forced labor to treat it.
    Bet she didn’t look at it from that angle.

  5. Goes to prove that Mariela like everyone else associated with that tyranny is nothing more than another clog in the machine. Her gay rights activist stance is nothing more than posturing for external useful fools and collaborators of the dictatorship who are on the constant lookout for signs of “reform” inside Cuba so that they can justify lifting the embargo and engaging the Castro brothers.
    By the way, what Mariela doesn’t say is that before “revolution” there were no UMAP concentration camps for gay people inside Cuba. Why would the APA labeling of homosexuality as a disease in the 60s and 70s produce an effect on Cuba, but it did not in the 40’s and 50’s before Castro??
    Ironic thing is that her LOCA father–whose prediliction for army studs is well known–headed the UMAP camps. He should have been thrown in with the other locas too!

  6. Her “reasoning” is sophistry at best. How come, during the same time period, the Castro regime made a major point of REJECTING practically anything identified with the US, yet somehow, magically, it supposedly chose to follow what the APA said about homosexuality? Does this make ANY sense? Uh, NO. But sense is not the point; deflecting blame is. If I knew nothing else about this woman except this ridiculously lame argument of hers, it would be enough to discredit her completely. She has the credibility of Lisandro Perez (actually, not even).

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