Friday PSA’s

Just a couple of things before the weekend begins:
Even though Ziva beat me to it, a heartfelt congratulations to George of The Real Cuba for winning this year’s Weblog Award for Best Latino, Caribbean or South American Blog. Its an honor to be your firend and colleague, George. Congrats on a well deserved recoginition for all your hard work, sacrifices and dedication.
Dont forget that Carlos Eire will be in Miami this weekend, talking about Waiting for Snow – the Spanish edition – at this year’s Miami Book Fair International. You can find a schedule for Saturday right here. I hope to see and meet some of you there tomorrow. If youre a reader or just love books, the Book Fair is heaven under the sun.
Ive got a bunch of Cambio Bracelets that we will be giving away next week for a donation to help the dissident movement in Cuba. We’ll have more information on Monday, so bring your checkbooks.
If there’s anyone out there that wants to invite me to the final Hurricane game at the Orange Bowl tomorrow, drop me a line, or if you have an extra ticket lying around, ahem. Ill bring the tailgating beer…
That’s all for now. Have a great weekend, folks!