King Juan Carlos tells chavez to “shut up”

From the closing speeches at the Ibero-American Summit:

“Why don’t you shut up?” the king shouted at chavez, pointing a finger at the president when he tried to interrupt a speech by Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero.
Zapatero was in the middle of a speech at the summit of mostly leftist leaders from Latin America, Portugal, Spain and Andorra, and was criticizing chavez for calling former Spanish Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar a fascist.
chavez, a leading leftist foe of Washington, also attacked Spanish businessman Gerardo Diaz Ferran earlier in the week after he questioned the safety of foreign investments in Venezuela.
“I want to express to you president hugo chavez that in a forum where there are democratic governments … one of the essential principles is respect,” Zapatero told the leaders gathered in the Chilean capital, Santiago.
“You can disagree radically, without being disrespectful,” Zapatero, a socialist, said sternly, drawing applause from some of the other heads of state.

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