Note to Media: Forget balance, report the truth

The U.S. media’s “one world” viewpoint misinforms Americans. So-called “balanced” reporting is in fact anything but: News stories on events in Venezuela are written as though we are viewing democracy in action, when in fact we are witnessing an end to democracy. Always included is mention of the country’s poor support for chavez, but a dictator by nature cannot be a champion for the poor.
Excerpt from the “balanced” article:

Angry accusations from pro- and anti-Chavez camps dominated the media’s airwaves and a session in Congress, with both sides blaming each other for fighting that has marred the campaign for a December 2 vote that Chavez is likely to win.

We know that Hugo Chavez is a dictatorial thug who intends to emulate fidel castro, and rule Venezuela for life. The violence the media reports as disturbing now, is less so than the unreported government sanctioned murder of 6 thousand Venezuelans, documented in IACHR’s 2006 Annual Report. The violence we are witnessing now is less disturbing than will be the inevitable “cleansing” of dissidents that will occur if this monster is not stopped.
For the truth, read the work of brave Venezuelan bloggers: Daniel’s’ Venezuela News and Views, friend Martha Colmenares, here, and Katy’s Caracas Chronicles here. Must-reads also include the ever-erudite Gustavo Coronel, and The Devils Excrement, follow their links for more.
The end of democracy in Venezuela is a catastropic event in our hemisphere, why isn’t the U.S. media paying attention. Where the hell are they? Busy bashing Bush, following Britney, or Naomi, Sean, and Kevin?
These words from an anonymous protester haunt, “If we do not take action now we will be condemned to live without democracy under a communist dictator”

3 thoughts on “Note to Media: Forget balance, report the truth”

  1. Unfortunately Ziva, much like some in our groups think a rightwing dictatorship is fine and dandy, but a leftist one is horrible, there are those who believe exactly the opposite.
    Rightwing dictatorship bad.
    Leftwing dictatorship good.
    The truly sad thing about this? It exhibits people’s willingness to sell out others’ freedoms and rights. In an era where here in the US everyone so much defends their right for privacy and for dissent, it is completely ironic that the American Left – leader of the 1st Ammendment fight to the point of ridicule – stays silent.

  2. If the Venezuelan government is so brazenly lying and conducting acts of STATE TERRORISM on their own students, DO YOU THINK THEY WILL NOT ‘BRAZENLY’ CHEAT ON THE DEC 2. VOTING???

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