17 thoughts on “Warm cup of shut the hell up! – UPDATED”

  1. its not you claudia, I think he’s the missing link in the evolutionary chain of man. The king just earned some point in my book. Look at Felipe Perez-Roque, he’s like “Goddamn! I’d better not say shit” lol

  2. You are right Henry, the best thing was peres roque’s face. He was probably wondering: Do I agree with Cuba’s biggest investors, or do I agree with our new master?
    chavez is getting more and more dangerous because there is nothing worse than a lunatic with power…just look at fidel, raul, che….

  3. I have always had a lot of respect for Juan Carlos. Here is a man who gave up the opportunity to wield supreme executive power so his nation could freely elect their leaders having to deal with a petty and completely insane thug. It had to be maddening to have to to sit there listening to chavez. And chavez is such a narcissistic bully that he can’t allow anyone to contradict him.
    Juann Carlos is a man of high character. chavez managed to push him to his limits. To push such a dignified man to an outburst like that shows what an utter and complete buffoon chavez really is.
    We should all weep for Venezuela.
    Oh … and an atta boy to Zapatero for pointing out that the Spanish elected Aznar freely and that chavez should show a little respect. As much as I dislike him for being a socialist and terrorist appeaser he conducted himself with quite a lot of dignity.

  4. I wonder if THIS story will make it to Granma?
    I searched and their last story was on the cooperation reported on the 9th. This is hilarious. GO SPAIN!

  5. Spain refuses to acknowledge and has never apologized for their colonial atrocities against the Cuban people. During 1896-97, Spain’s Reconcentrado policy in the island caused the death by starvation of 170,000 Cubans who comprised ten percent of the total population.
    When this mass murder account was published in the press, the popular saying became: “TO HELL WITH SPAIN.”

  6. This is typical of the manner in which Spanish royalty addressed the Indians (Chavez) during colonial times. A classic example of Spanish aristocratic arrogance and indigenous rebellion.
    They were made for each other.

  7. I don’t care if it was said to the prince of Wales. Juan Carlos was absolutely correct in telling chevez to shut up. That petty thug jerk who was talking out of turn like the belligerant asshole that he is.
    The fact that Juan carlos didn’t tell him to shut the “fuck” up or follow it up with “you retarded sack of crap” further shows the class possessed by the king. I assure you that had it been me there would have been far more explatives and personal insults followed by threats of violence. But I am a cook, thus devoid of grace and class. But even my rude self knows to let other people talk when it’s their turn.

  8. What really should be noted here is not the the King told him to shut up, but that Sacodepapa Zapatero didn’t. What a shame Aznar wasn’t reelected.

  9. GENIAL!!! there are just no words for this. And though I am no fan of Rodriguez Zapatero, kudos to him for defending Aznar as a democratically elected leader who represented Spain.
    And man, way to go Juan Carlos!!!!

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