Words of deception, from Carlos Lage

King Juan Carlos of Spain should have told Cuban vice president Carlos Lage to also shut up, after the Castro flunky delivered this whopper of misinformation and propaganda about life in Cuba, during a summit in Chile:

“The prisons are being converted into places of work and study, while society prepares to receive the prisoners and provide them necessary support and what justice requires. This program now includes all the prisons in the country. A young prisoner also has a responsibility to society, and this should help him rectify his error.”

The reality is, Cuban prisons are dungeons of death, for all prisoners, especially the hundreds, if not thousands there, because of their opposition to the dictatorship. Their only redeeming quality is that from those dungeons have come men and women stronger and more dedicated to the pursuit of true justice.
No amount of Stalinist doublespeak from Lage or other agents of tyranny, can stand in their way.
(H/T Penúltimos Días.)

5 thoughts on “Words of deception, from Carlos Lage”

  1. High quality photos of a dead Castro are circulating, they are either very high quality “fakes” or the real thing.

  2. Larry,
    fifo is as good as dead. Let’s all put our minds on raulita’s death. Rumor has it he’s been out of “circulation” for several weeks. He’s undergoing “intense medical treatment” due to “liver problems.”

  3. They tried to sell this guy as a ‘progressive force’-whatever that is-this guy is an idiot, another fabrication straight from the factory of lies and misinformation they’ve cultivated for 48 years. Este tipo es un imbécil, un papa.

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