Morning rush hour in Caracas

I saw this on Rui Ferreira’s blog in El Nuevo Herald.


Caption: Esta mañana en el distribuidor de Santa Fé, en el centro de la capital venezolana. 11/12/2007

I wonder if King Juan Carlos realized at the time what an incredible gift he was giving the world with those five simple words. That basic phrase—one that has been repeated countless times by all of us—has caused an incredible amount of furor throughout the world. And as you can be see by this large banner in Caracas, the King’s verbal bitch slap of the boy-dictator has given the opposition a much needed shot in the arm.
They say that truth is stranger than fiction, and this is one case where no one can argue with that. The most talented fiction writer would be hard pressed to come up with such a sublime twist to the Venezuela/chavez story.

11 thoughts on “Morning rush hour in Caracas”

  1. Venezuelans,you are doing the right thing but dont ever stop, see what has happened to Cuba, please act before it is too late. The truth is that the chavistas will not negociate, they are not open to diplomacy, the chavistas are like the fidelistas.

  2. Though I’m very happy about this turn of events, I can’t help but wonder where was His Majesty, King Juan Carlos of Spain, when fidel bitch slapped, then President of Spain, José Maria Aznar? fidel has called ex-President Aznar an ass, Fuhrercito, and caballerito among many other things.
    I guess King Juan Carlos feels chavez is too much of an upstart to be allowed such things.

  3. “The truth is that the chavistas will not negociate, they are not open to diplomacy, the chavistas are like the fidelistas.”
    True. When you dance with the Devil, you don’t change him. He changes you.

  4. Firefly:
    I can care less what the King’s motivation was to slap down the babbling idiot, but I am glad he did it. The truth is that Zapatero should have been the one doing it, but I am not surprised he didn’t have the guts to. Whether the King did it because he looks down at chavez and South Americans in general or not, is irrelevant to me; I’m just glad someone spoke out and said what we have all been screaming for years now.

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